Meet Kerry


Kerry is a web heroine from the beautiful island that gave us Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. She is known for flexing her social media super powers.

A graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing, she has over three years experience in the marketing and web design industry.

With a genuine love for helping people, she works hand-in-hand with businesses and brands, assisting  them to better connect with customers and potential prospects, while shaping them into truly ‘social businesses’.

Although,  internet marketing and social media, are still fairly new to businesses in Jamaica, Kerry is committed to applying leading marketing strategies, to ensure her clients connect with their customers in a meaningful way.  It is her vision to one day be the premiere  marketer in the Caribbean.

Kerry is passionate about food and love experimenting with Jamaican and European dishes.  She is a fitness fanatic, certified foodie and self-proclaimed master chef. When she is not online, she is either cooking, eating, exercising, playing hockey or socialising in the real world.


A commitment to applying leading marketing strategies making her clients touchstones of marketing excellence. Kerry’s aim is to work in synergy with her clientele’s marketing department, to produce results that positively impact their business objectives. She is also committed to providing strategic counsel, creative solutions and an on-call responsiveness.